Proportion or Cut is considered the most important characteristic of a diamond as it has the biggest effect on the light performance and brilliance. But this is not the only important characteristic.

At the DCLA Laboratory, Proportion is graded alongside Symmetry, polish and importantly the Transparency. This is why DCLA Diamond Exchange Four Ex Diamonds are the most sought after for those who want the finest diamonds available.

To ensure the highest quality, DCLA works with the finest rough diamond producers from South Africa, Antwerp,Israel and India.

Each diamond is then meticulously analysed by our Laboratory diamond gemologists, who along with sophisticated laboratory equipment analyse every aspect of the individual stone, including the all important proportions that will produce the most brilliance.


Proportions affect how light travels within the diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow and wide, or too deep and narrow lose light out the sides or bottom, causing the diamond to lose brilliance. DCLA selected Diamonds are cut to perfect proportions, allowing the diamond to reflect the maximum amount of light a diamond can produce.


The alignment of a diamond's facets in relation to each other or opposing facets affects the diamond's light performance. Facets which are symmetrical and aligned, reflect light directly back to your eye. Symmetry grading to DCLA standards ensure its brilliance and fire is emitted evenly.


All DCLA Diamond Exchange diamonds are certified by DCLA or GIA   This provides you an authoritative analysis of your diamond. DCLA also verifies that your diamond meets all the specific quality requirements and checks the diamond is cold laser inscribed.


Transparency, also called pellucidity, is the material property of allowing light to pass through. In mineralogy, another term for this property is diaphaneity.

The DCLA Transparency Grade is the degree to which a diamond transmits light, directly relevant to its ‘cloudiness’ or ‘haziness.’

In other words, it is a comprehensive assessment of light performance based on the quality of the diamond crystal itself.

Laser inscription

Every DCLA Diamond Exchange stone can be registered to the owner