Whether you're a traditional couple looking for eternal elegance or you're interested in something more modern, we have a wedding ring set to complement your individual taste. It is important to blend your personal style and budget to create a wedding ring set for him and her that will last for an eternity. 


Wedding Rings for Women

There have generally been two ways in which to match a wedding set. Since wedding rings are worn traditionally closest to one's heart and the engagement ring set against it above, it is important to consider how each ring will complement the other. It is possible to choose both a wedding and engagement ring to fit together seamlessly on the ring finger. The alternative is to pick each ring for their individual qualities and allow them to form a complete look through their contrast.

Another factor to consider when choosing wedding rings is your own lifestyle. If you enjoy a lot of sports and activity, a bulky set may prove to be a hindrance. A slimmer set will ensure that you are able to continue your favourite activities without the disruption of inconvenient jewellery. Similarly, if you work often with your hands, having a wedding set that has a complicated stone setting may prove to be a trap for dirt and other materials. Make sure you match your daily activities with the kind of ring you are interested in.

Sizing is everything. These are pieces of jewellery that you will wear for many years. It they do not fit perfectly, it will more than an annoyance; it will be incredibly uncomfortable. Check out our ring sizing guide for more information.


Men's Wedding Rings

Men's wedding rings no longer have to conform to the simple band-style of tradition. There are endless options and you can choose to match your bridal set or have a separate style for the groom entirely.