Fancy Colour Diamonds

They are the rarest of the rare. Just one in every 10,000 diamonds possess a natural colour, making them an original fancy diamonds. Unlike white diamonds, with fancy diamonds, the standard measures like clarity and cut are not as important. Here’s a quick re-look at the 5Cs when talking about fancy diamonds.


Perhaps the most important of the 5Cs when talking about fancy diamonds is colour and the colour intensity. Simply put, it is the richness or deepness of the colour that makes a fancy diamond valuable. The colour scale for fancy diamonds goes is Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. Since colour is such an important part of fancy diamonds, it is crucial that you look for the DCLA Diamond Certificate that ensures that your fancy diamond isn’t artificially coloured.


After the colour of the fancy diamond, the carat weight is the second most important factor. Since large diamonds are very rare, the more the carat weight, the more valuable the gem. And given that fancy diamonds are so rare to begin with, large carat fancy diamonds are beauty and brilliance to the superlative.


Simply put, since they aren’t colourless, clarity isn’t as important a consideration because of the colours involved in fancy diamonds. It becomes very important then to be 100% certain that you have an authentic fancy diamond and not merely an artificially coloured one. The DCLA Diamond Certificate is your sole lifetime guarantee that your fancy diamond is an authentic fancy diamond.


Colourless diamonds are cut to maximise their brilliance. Fancy diamonds, on the other hand, are cut to emphasise their colour. This is not to say that fancy diamonds don’t sparkle but that it’s the colour that is accentuated most with their cut. This is why you won’t always find fancy diamonds in the traditional shapes. In fact, most fancy diamonds take non-traditional shapes to further highlight their brilliant colours.


Given that fancy diamonds are so much more valuable than colourless diamonds, the need to be confident of your diamond is paramount. You can only be confident of the value of your diamond if you have confidence in its authenticity. And the only way to be confident of getting an authentic fancy diamond is to have a DCLA Diamond Certificate.