Platinum ring

Platinum is a stunning white metal popular with engagement rings and wedding bands. Its rarity means that people naturally associate platinum with excellence and exclusivity.

Unlike gold, platinum does not need to be mixed with other metals to add hardness. This ensures that platinum jewellery is typically 99.9% pure. 

The colour of pure platinum is incredibly durable and stays beautiful forever – perfect for jewellery symbolizing eternity.

Platinum pairs particularly well with diamonds as they complement each other’s clarity and sheen. This is also why platinum is such a dazzling choice for engagement or wedding rings.

As a Setting for Your Diamond

Since diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the world, it’s important that you set your diamond in a substance that will not bend against the stone.

Platinum is an excellent choice as it is highly dense and very durable. More importantly, the purity of the metal will mean that as your jewellery wears, no maintenance plating will be required.

The colour will stay strong and brilliant forever.

Rarity and Purity

There are only a few pockets of platinum to be found worldwide. This makes platinum one of the rarest metals available and contributes heavily to its value.

Another value consideration is that its durability requires no addition of harder metals to ensure the colour doesn’t wear. At 99% pure, platinum attracts a premium for its high quality.

Platinum’s reputation for pristine value is well deserved.

Maintain Your Platinum Forever

Although platinum is very durable, it may sometimes need a little buffing. Mix gentle soap with warm water and wash jewellery gently with a soft cloth.