Palladium ring

Palladium lists amongst platinum as one of the hardest to find metals in the world.

Because both of these metals have outstanding durability and strength, they have been nicknamed the “Noble Metals’.

Palladium’s lustrous silvery colour was particularly popular during World War II when platinum was listed as a government resource and thousands of engaged couples were looking for a similar alternative.

In comparison with platinum, palladium is of a lighter chemical makeup and can be beaten into a much thinner leaf than platinum.

It also does not need plating after several years of wear because of its supreme durability.

Palladium is legally required to be stamped with proof of its authenticity and its purity, much like silver. It is an excellent choice for jewellery wearers with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic.

To keep your palladium jewellery at peak condition, use gentle soap and warm water to clean with a soft cloth or brush. This will ensure the lustre of your palladium never wanes.