When you choose a gemstone, colour is often the first thing you decide. Whether it is by purity of hue, saturation, or depth of tone, your impression of a gemstone’s colour is often key to your final choice.

However, it may surprise you to learn that all these brilliant colours are not always natural. Enhancing the natural colours of gemstones is an accepted practice in the jewellery industry to improve the beauty of their hue. In fact, nearly all gemstones such as topaz, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst have been treated with heat and other methods to bring to light their delicate features.


Just like diamonds, gemstones are valued by clarity. The presence of inclusions, or small blemishes, has an effect on the quality of the stone. While almost all gemstones contain at least some form of inclusion, occasionally a gemstone will be found that has perfect form. These gemstones skyrocket in value because of their rarity. To capture the most value from a gemstone, it is important to balance the presence of some blemishes with the overall value of the gemstone. We recommend speaking to one of our gemologists to find out what level of clarity will best fit your budget.


When we talk about cut in relation to gemstones, it is less important to achieve an ‘ideal’ cut as it is for diamonds. Since gemstones do not possess the same reflecting qualities as diamonds, there is less need for geometric brilliance and a greater imperative to show off the largest stone with the strongest colour and as few blemishes as possible. Especially when the gemstone will be shown off in jewellery, it is important that the cut reflects the gemstone to its best advantage.


Gemstones should not be measured by carat weight because we are often far more interested in its size than its weight. Carat is only useful in determining the weight of the gemstone.


It is widely accepted in the jewellery industry to enhance gemstones in order to improve their lasting power and beauty. By allowing gemstones to undergo treatment, you ensure that your gemstones remain within a reasonable price range as perfect, untreated gemstones can be worth exorbitant amounts. To the naked eye, most enhancements are invisible and require no care beyond the initial treatment. Universally used and unnoticeable, treated gemstones ensure that the full beauty of the gemstone is displayed at a low cost.

Ring Maintenance

Even hard substances like diamonds and gemstones suffer from daily wear and tear. Find out how to keep your gemstone in the best possible condition by reading our handy tips.