Cutting gemstones is not just about creating a symmetrical and geometrically correct stone. It is about revealing the brilliance of the gemstone’s colour to its best advantage. When evaluating cut for your gemstone, it is important to consider the following points.

What to Look For:

It is simple to tell whether a gemstone has been cut well. A well-cut stone will display few blemishes, have natural proportions, and show off its colour. The ideal shape for a gemstone will vary depending on the individual colour characteristics of the gemstone. There is no one correct way to cut a gemstone, but each design should best show off its beautiful colour. Each stone should have an individual quality.           

The Diamond Exchange Expert Tip

Generally speaking, a stone with a deep, saturated colour can benefit from a shallow cut as to allow a greater amount of light to pierce the stone. Conversely if a stone is lightly coloured, it can be better to cut the stone deeply to condense the colour.

Gemstone Cut

Symmetry is crucial to determining whether a gemstone has been cut well. Observe the surface of the stone and see whether each facet mirrors one another. A gemstone of low quality will have asymmetrical cuts that will not reflect light well. The gemstone’s polish should also be perfectly smooth with no nicks on the surface. When our Diamond Exchange specialists select a gemstone, we ensure that they are up to these standards.