When looking for a gemstone, the striking colour is often the main feature that affects a valuation. There are three factors you should consider when choosing your stone’s colour: saturation, hue, and tone. These three criterions will help you make an informed choice when choosing to buy a gemstone with the DCLA.


Saturation refers to the colour purity of the gemstone. Ideally, all gemstones would have perfect colouring and perfect saturation. However, occasionally a gemstone will have slight brown or gray hues that cloud the saturation. The finest saturated gemstones are described as ‘vivid’ or ‘strong’ with no unwanted tones muddying the colour.


Gemstones are examined carefully to discover their hue. The purest gemstones will be those that have only one colour present in cascading shades. The DCLA takes care to grade gemstones with utmost attention so you are able to distinguish between any faint colour differences.


Tone refers to how light or dark the gemstone colour is. Depth of colour in a gemstone can range from “light,” “medium-light," "medium," "medium-dark," and "dark." The DCLA will give you a careful description of the tone when choosing a gemstone so you find one that fits your preference.