The clarity of gemstones is to do with the number and severity of blemishes present in the natural stone.


What is an inclusion?

Inclusions are the elements and minerals that are left over and trapped after the gemstone has formed. Natural gemstones are chemical wonders and their origins cannot be controlled without compromising their organic creation. This means that occasionally other minerals get trapped inside and create a tiny unique blemish. If your gemstone has an incursion or two, do not worry. These are often so tiny that they will not affect the beauty of your stone at all, and are testaments to your gemstones’ origin.


Considering clarity

Gemstones such as citrine, topaz, and aquamarine naturally retain fewer incursions when forming. Other coloured gemstones such as ruby or emerald often retain more. This means that there is no ‘right’ number of incursions when considering what is an excellent clarity in a gemstone.

As always, it is important to mix quality with value. The gemstones with the highest clarity (and fewest amount of incursions) are frequently worth exorbitant prices. It is recommended to find a gemstone with acceptable clarity within your price range. Depending on the variety of gemstone you are interested in, the number of incursions considered acceptable will vary.