While the classic diamond is a sparkling round gem of brilliance, we also offer the finest, non-round or ”fancy-shaped” diamonds. No less valuable than round diamonds, fancy-shaped diamonds are a testament to a diamond cutter’s skill in crafting sheer brilliance in a variety of beautiful forms.


According to legend, the first Marquise diamond was commissioned by Louis XV commissioned to resemble the mouth of his chief mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. The elongated shape of the marquise diamond maximises carat weight giving you a much larger-looking diamond. It’s beauty is further enhanced when set with round or pear-shaped side stones.


Also known as teardrop-shaped, the unique shape of pear-shaped diamonds make them a popular choice for pendants and earrings. Elongated pear-shaped diamonds complement hands with small or average-length fingers creating a subtle slimming effect.


With its pointed corners and square shape, the princess-shaped diamond has fast become a popular choice for engagement rings. Customised to your taste of either square or rectangular, the beauty of the princess-shaped diamond is magnified when paired with long and slender fingers.


It would be difficult to argue against the heart-shaped diamond being the ultimate symbol of love. And what’s more, the unique shaped of the heart would make heart-shaped diamonds the ultimate, personalised symbol of your love.


This triangular-shaped diamond, as the name suggests, was first introduced by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam in 1962. The option of sharp or rounded corners becomes available.  Trilliant-shaped diamonds have been described as a scintillatingly brilliant shape of fire.


Similar to round diamonds, oval-shaped diamonds are even, symmetrical and perfectly balanced. Quick tip: They are the perfect choice for small hands as the shape creates the illusion of elegantly long fingers. 


As the name suggests, emerald-shaped diamonds are named after the shape of their cousin - the emerald. Emerald-shaped diamonds have become quite popular for being economically priced while adding an elegance and sophistication to any piece of jewellrey