Classic, brilliant, exceptional.

Round cut diamonds are true classics, preferred by many as the quintessential gemstones for most jewellery pieces.

A diamond cut or shaped into a circular outline or circumference, with a cone-shaped pavilion is a standard round brilliant diamond and has 57 or 58 facets.

It is the most popular style of cutting diamonds. Due to high demand, low yield, and loss of rough stone during the cutting process.

Round cut diamonds are relatively costlier than the average fancy shaped diamond, this is due to the high weight loss when producing the rough diamond.

Round brilliant diamonds are the most desirable cuts due to the Cut or scientific Proportion grades.

Diamond cutters use these precise mathematical angles to optimise the fire and brilliance in a round diamonds.

Round brilliant cuts work well with a variety of setting styles.

Hearts and Arrows

The perfect symmetrical top and bottom corners and facets in a Round cut, Cushion shaped or Brilliant diamond creates the visual effect of hearts and arrows.

These patterns are only visible when the diamonds have been cut in the Round or Cushion shape using appropriate modern technology and expertise.

If proportioned and cut to GIA, HRD, AGS or DCLA Excellent or ideal parameters and with perfect symmetry and polish faceting, each Round cut diamond will display

a perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face up position called a crown and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table down position, called a pavilion.

Round Cut Diamonds

Buying a Round Cut or Brilliant diamond involves several concerns such as which technology is used to cut the diamonds, how the diamond's colour is evaluated, and how much clarity is desired.

Master Diamond graders make these steps easy and convenient for our customers.

The diamonds listed are cut using the latest laser technology resulting in Brilliant cuts. Additionally, whether you prefer a warmer colour in the G-H range, or a cooler colour within the D-F range.

Diamond charts help you make this selection. The price will then vary accordingly, giving you a well-informed view of how much your preferred Round cut diamond and the resulting piece of jewellery will eventually cost.

The Diamond Exchange guarantee ensures that our customers get the maximum clarity and preferred colour for the budget set.

Whether you simply desire a visually appealing Round cut diamond, or are particular about flawlessness, our charts and experts can help you make a decision about which Round cut or Brilliant diamond to choose.