Performance, brilliance, radiance and sparkle.

In the same league with the traditional Round cut diamonds, the Princess cut diamonds are favorites for being versatile and well suited for most styles of jewellery settings.

With its pointed corners and - exact or almost - square shape, the princess cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings.

The cut can be customised to your taste of either square or rectangle, enhancing the beauty of the finished piece of jewellery.

Symmetry and polish

When compared to a Round cut diamond of the same weight, the Princess cut diamond features a smaller crown surface area, while also featuring a greater corner to corner area.

This means, that for the same weight, your Princess cut diamond will appear larger than a Round cut diamond - translating into a relatively lower cost. 

However, such a shape requires that the diamond is cut to a variance in depth to maximise weight.

This makes it difficult for a cutter who isn't trained in the art and technique to perfectly and scientifically categorise the chosen diamond's proportions into excellent, very good, and so on.

Princess Cut Diamonds

At the Diamond Excahnge our experts do all the work for you. Every Princess cut diamond is selected for proportions, with precise measurements and symmetrical analysis used to achieve the desired end results.