The Proportion and the cut (or shape) of a diamond is the only property of the gem that is not forged by nature.

It is a crucial aspect of the diamond because it transforms the diamond into the dazzling piece of beauty that you want to make your own.

The proportion and cut of the diamond influences not just the shape and the symmetry, but also gives life to its fiery brilliance as it catches the light.

Cut refers not only to the shape and style of the diamond, but its proportions, symmetry, and finish or make.

At the Diamond Exchange we’ve made things easier for you by grading the diamond cut qualities, Insuring you get the best diamond for your budget.


Excellent: includes the Ideal cut reflecting nearly all the light back to your eye.

Very Good Cut: With minor deviations from excellent, giving great proportion and performance with less cost.

Good Cut: Good performance for the budget.

Fair Cut: Quality cut that falls outside of the good proportion limits.  Recommended only as a budget option.

Poor Cut: Is not recommend unless for antique or historical replacement.


The cut of the diamond will also influence the shape of the diamond CUT.

You can therefore pick the shape that best suits your personality and likes.

DCLA/IDC Diamond Proportion/Cut Grade.

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