Diamonds are graded on a letter scale from ‘D’ to ‘Z’ with 'D' being colourless. This is known as the cape colour scale. The less colour, the more rare, and therefore the more valuable the diamond is. 

Colour is visible to the naked eye especially when set in white metals. Colours from D to J will not show colour to the naked eye. Only diamonds with colour K and lower will start to show the yellow when set in white metals. 

Grading colour requires comparing the diamond to those in a registered master set. At DCLA we can help you with any colour from D to Z.

The DCLA Laboratory holds both an (IDC) International Diamond Council and the Official Australian (Cibjo) The World Jewellery Confederation Colour Master sets.  This alone is very unique and should provide you with confidence that the colour you select is the colour you will receive.


The Diamond's Colour is graded against the official National Master Set, Held by DCLA Laboratory.