Brilliance from any angle.


Brilliance from any angle.

Asscher cut diamonds were first introduced by Holland's Asscher Brothers in 1902.

Sometimes referred to as the square emerald cut - to which it is similar, the unique Asscher cut features cropped corners and is a recently revived fashionable cut for diamonds.

Asscher cut diamonds begin with a rough diamond with precise proportions to get absolutely perfect length-to-width ratios and a pointed culet.

Maximum Brilliance

The Asscher cut diamond's features give it the appearance of concentric squares held within its brilliance - magnifying its ability to reflect light.

This, due to the cropped corners, gives it an octagonal shape. Additionally, the Asscher cut diamond's square silhouette makes it the perfect choice for those who prefer the classic four prong setting.

The Diamond Exchange Asscher Cut Diamonds

Expertly polished by master diamond cutters, the The Diamond Exchange Asscher cut diamonds feature just the right crown height - making them perfectly suited for larger step facets, a broad crown and smaller table.

This means that your The Diamond Exchange Asscher cut diamond will capture more light from all angles to produce the brilliance you desire.

Further, since each The Diamond Exchange diamond's information includes exact measurements, you will be able to gauge which diamond will be best suited for the Asscher cut shape you are considering - whether entirely square or slightly rectangular.