How to Measure Your Finger

When looking for the right ring size, it is important that you find the correct fit. It should not hug your finger too tightly, since that can get very uncomfortable after extended wear. It should also not be too loose since you certainly don't want to lose your ring. Find a diameter that snugly suits your finger and is still easily able to slide over your knuckle.

If you want to measure your finger at home, it is best to do it at the end of the day with warm fingers. This is because you want to allow for natural swelling and cold fingers shrink slightly in the early morning. Triple-check your measurements so as to allow for any instances of inaccuracy. It is better to be too careful when measuring your fingers than finding out your beautiful ring is the wrong size later on.

Request Your Free Industry-Standard Ring Sizer

If you'd like to measure your ring size using a professional ring sizer, we are happy to mail you a free Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge. The Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge simply works like a belt. Slip the Multisizer onto your finger and adjust to find a comfortable fit. Please contact us with your request.

International Ring Sizing

Just like shoe sizes, ring sizes vary from country to country. We retail in Australian sizes, so if you're using US or European measurements, make sure you convert to Australian measurements before placing your order.