DCLA Australia’s trusted name in diamonds and certification brings the ultimate direct diamond buying Service.

The worlds leading diamond merchants are now listing GIA, HRD, AGS and IGI certified diamonds directly to you, with the Service and Garantee of the DCLA. 

The World’s best quality cut and polished diamonds are availible, But before you buy the diamond it is checked and carefully selected by the DCLA experts.

DCLA diamond experts are here to guide you through your purchase where ever you choose to buy,

Your buying experience can include a one on one DCLA seminar on how to buy a diamond. in Australia’s the state of the art laboratory.

DCLA Diamond Exchange is an Australian Company where every diamond listed is guaranteed for quality and grade by the Laboratory.

The Diamond Experts are Specialists in excellent Cut Loose Diamonds, Fancy Shape Diamonds, and Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

DCLA Diamond Exchange provides the best quality diamonds at the best value.

DCLA Diamond Exchange has a large selection of loose diamonds available for emediate collection in Australia,

As well as diamonds selected from cutting centersaround the globe including, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Botswana and India.

We can select the most beautiful and highly sort after diamonds in the world, just for you.



NEX diamonds are type 2A diamonds the best laboratory created diamonds available and rarest of diamonds crystals.

NEX Diamonds are Australia’s trusted name in laboratory created diamond, NEX Diamonds has a direct factory buying service.

The world’s most technically advanced factory producing the finest Laboratory grown diamonds certified by GCAL or IGI directly to you from the factory.

Experts are here to guide you through your purchase where ever you choose to buy.

Buy here: NEX Diamonds