Bespoke Jewellery

DCLA Diamond Exchange one off handmade, commissioned jewellery.

Diamond and Saphire Ring

Our handmade Jewellery is produced in Sydney Australia, at our factory.

All the Bespoke Jewellery is designed by our team, with your ideas and input.

Engagement Diamond Ring

We create works of art inspired by the diamond you select. Working with Platinum or Gold and using only

the finest DCLA hand selected diamonds, DCLA Diamond Exchange produces only the finest Jewellery collections.

Oval Diamond Halo Ring

Our design rule is ‘’anything is possible’’ and we strive to make your ideas a reality.

We bring out your diamonds natural Brilliance, lustre and Fire, using the finest stones and metalwork to complement.

Emerald Diamond Bracelet

DCLA Diamond Exchange welcomes one off designs.

Talk to us about your special events, Special birthdays or Commitment rings, Anniversary jewellery.