The Diamond Exchange mission is to increase consumer confidence in the purchasing of diamonds.

A vital component for this confidence is accuracy and transparency in diamond grading.

The Diamond exchange only uses internationally recognised reports and accepted standards set by the IDC and CIBJO.

These laboratoies use advanced equipment, accurate reference materials and grading rules and procedures set out by those bodies.

Conflict diamonds, although small in number, represent a significant threat to consumer confidence and the appeal and status of diamonds as the symbol of love.

The industry, together with governments and NGO's, developed the Kimberley Process and put in place a System of Warranties. The Diamond Exchange subscribes to this System of Warranties.


TheDiamond Exchange is part of the DCLA Trustmark Initiative 

DCLA Laboratory developed an initiative to help consumers locate reputable Australian diamond jewellers that sell with internationally certified and guaranteed diamonds.

Australian jewellers are amongst the finest worldwide, incorporating innovative design, style, value and quality.

Every jeweller listed as a DCLA Trustmark Jeweller shows commitment to the fair trade of diamonds, knowledge of their craft.

And show a dedication to providing their customers with the very best, ensuring that every diamond is special today, and an heirloom tomorrow.

The Trustmark symbolises the sparkle and flash of a diamond, using the passionate shades of pink to reflect the emotions that so often accompany a purchase.

The circle of five ‘ticks’ represent the principal 5 C’s of a diamond: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carats, and the most important C of all, Confidence.

 Used exclusively for DCLA certified diamonds, when you see this Trustmark you can be confident that you are truly buying the treasure you’ve been searching for.

DCLA Laboratory does not object to your use of the DCLA Laboratory logo on your website, provided it is for information purposes only and not to imply any relationship with, or endorsement or sponsorship by DCLA. 

This Trustmark is used exclusively for DCLA certified diamonds, ensuring customers that their diamond is certified, examined and graded by a qualified laboratory that guarantees the accuracy of the certificate.

Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.