The Diamond Laboratory of Australia DCLA takes its role as consumer protector very seriously.


Our Mission:


To assist and protect diamond buyers or sellers leveraging on our passion, Using 3 generations of expertise and knowledge in the diamond industry




We determine your preferences advise you. We verify the quality, negotiate and secure your ideal diamond at the lowest price.




If you have found the diamond you love, we will verify the quality, negotiate and secure at the best price.


Working together with only the top polished diamond producers, DCLA protects the Australian market by protecting your interests.


DCLA Diamonds facilitates your purchase directly from the Diamond producer and guarantees all diamonds are natural and untreated.


DCLA Diamond Exchange will only list diamonds that have been independently graded by world-class internationally recognised laboratories, ensuring you always get exactly what you pay for.


The DCLA was born out of the need to bring the International Diamond Council (IDC) standard to Australia.





We assign you a personal adviser who will talk you through the whole process. You will have all the knowledge and expertise at your fingertips.


The whole diamond selling exercise will be managed buy the DCLA, this gives you the ultimate protection and security when selling.





The DCLA certificate is recognised internationally and is benchmark for diamond certification in Australia.


DCLA takes pride in accurate and consistent grading with the most proficient state of the art laboratory in Australia, and the only laboratory that provides the only full guarantee of its work.


The DCLA Laboratory remains at the forefront of technical ability and knowledge with the only internationally trained master diamond cutters.


Providing the consumer with the assurance, and the trade with the confidence, that they are buying or selling the quality stated, DCLA laboratory will continue to protect the integrity in the trade by protecting the consumer first.



David Cohen the first generation of Diamond manufacturing and diamond dealers, David originally from England was schooled in Waverly Sydney Australia and completed his navy training at Watsons bay.

David financed the diamond manufacturing company in South Africa from the 1950’s and his legacy continues today.  

Bruce Cohen comes from a large family with many generations in the diamond industry. He took charge of the family business in the 1970s in Johannesburg, South Africa and now continues in Australia.


Michael Cohen is the eldest of two sons. During the 1980s, he served an apprenticeship as a diamond polisher, cleaver and marker for a major DeBeers sightholder. In the 1990s, Michael established offices in Kimberly, Wolmaranstad and diamond cutting works in Johannesburg, South Africa, from where the family produced polished diamonds and traded in rough and polished diamonds around the globe.


Roy Cohen, the younger of the two brothers, worked for the Anglo American Corporation for several years before joining the family business in the 90s. He was active in the trading of rough diamonds and developing mining interests in the Kimberly area of South Africa and other African countries.