Wholesale lose or set Diamonds In in Australia direct from our diamond cutting works. 
Diamond Exchange is a third generation diamond cutting works and diamond exploration and mining company. 
We have been polishing diamonds since the 1950’s, our experienced diamond polishers and graders select the best diamond for your requirements. 
All the diamonds listed are 100% ethically sourced from the best rough diamond miners.Not only do we ensure all the diamonds are accompanied by diamond reports
or certificates from the top laboratories HRD, AGS, IGI and GIA. We at DCLA also double check the quality of the stones that we sell in our internationally recognised and listed laboratory.
All of our staff are experience diamond cutters or graders who have worked in the DCLA laboratory for at least 20 years. 
With and unrivaled level of knowledge and experience within the diamond and Jewellery trade, and reputation for quality.
Diamond Exchange will find the perfect diamond you have dreamed of. Before you buy or select feel free to call us for a assistance.
We will assign a dedicated person to help you make the right diamond choice.